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About Us


Who We Are

We are a licensed child care center with over 16 years of experience. We provide care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years. It is our priority to provide your child with the best environment to feel comfortable, learn, grow and shine.

Our center is one of the largest in the area with plenty of classrooms that provide room for the little ones to comfortably learn and play.


Our staff is highly qualified, with fire safety, pediatric first aid, and CPR trained members. All staff have state police, NSOR and child abuse history clearances.


It is our goal to provide a variety of opportunities for children to form meaningful bonds and long-lasting relationships with classmates and their teachers.

Our Learning Approach

At Punkin Patch, we know how incredible a child's abilities are, especially their ability to learn. We also know how important it is for a child's development to have stimulation from a nurturing environment. They learn and grow best in a setting where they feel comfortable and can connect with other children as well as their caretakers.


Our main objectives are as follows:

1. Learning through play

2. Individualistic education based on developmental abilities. 

It is apparent that children are rapidly growing, learning and developing, so it comes as no surprise that even seemingly small age gaps in children can completely change their learning styles. We know an older 1 year old and a new 1 year old have completely different learning capabilities. With this in mind, our classrooms are designed in smaller, concentrated age groups so that education, activities and curriculum can also be more developmentally concentrated.

Toddler Reading
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