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Diverse Learning Environments

Cute Baby Crawling


6 weeks-12 months

In our Infant Center, babies are free to grow and learn in a cozy and safe environment. The infant center is composed of two semi-connected rooms: Little Babies (6 weeks-6 months), and Crawlers (6-12 months).

On the little baby side, each child has their own crib and follows an individual parent-directed schedule.

The Crawlers are given the space to explore and develop at their own pace while our staff support babies and parents in introducing the many important "Firsts" like finger foods and first steps. :) 


12-24 months

Our Ones rooms consist of two separate classrooms: Ones and Transition Twos. In both classrooms, children have the space to explore and utilize their newly developed motor skills. They are introduced to daily circle time which includes basic academics like shapes, colors, counting and the alphabet. They have consistent daily schedules and begin to play and explore outside as well!

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Caring Child


2-3 Years

The Twos and Transition Threes rooms are where children can put their newly found independence to work. 2 year olds thrive in an environment where they can safely and comfortably feel capable and independent. This is also where we start learning how to ditch the diaper. YAY! Potty training is our end goal in these rooms. We have a child-sized bathroom with small fully functioning toilets so that the teachers can assist your child in becoming independent in the bathroom. Children in these rooms also learn to drink from a cup and use utensils during meals. Lesson plans are age appropriate as well and prepare them for their next journey in pre-school

Threes and Preschool

3-4 years

Threes: This is Preschool 101! This is where children are preparing for preschool by perfecting life skills, following and participating in classroom rules, and learning to work cooperatively with their friends in an organized atmosphere.

Preschool: These kiddos thrive in a classroom where they can explore new skills in an organized atmosphere that encourages cooperation and self-expression. Our teachers incorporate multi-sensory learning activities designed to challenge and delight young minds. 

Open ended discussions, name identification, and basic writing building blocks are just a few of the things that these classrooms practice. 

Painting Class
Girl with Braids


4-5 Years

This is the final room before "Big Kid School". Our littles aren't so little anymore and are preparing for life after daycare! In Pre-K, children are encouraged to problem solve, participate in classroom management, and work as a team while developing their own special personalities. Writing skills are highlighted and early reading is introduced. Learning centers utilize a variety of hands-on experiences designed to spark creativity and imagination. This all important year is celebrated with a Pre-K Graduation like no other!

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