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Fun & Creativity

Our Approaches to Learning:


Art is important for developing fine motor skills and creativity. Every classroom does a minimum of 3 art projects a week. One monthly art project will go into a portfolio that your child will receive when the graduate Pre-K.


Music is in integral part of our learning. Instruments are provided for every classroom as a developmental necessity. Children will sing learning songs during circle-time throughout the day and will even have dance parties. 


Children learn so much simply playing and interacting with their environment. imaginative play, free play, and center play are all part of each classroom's schedule. Children are given the tools encouraged to learn new skills and abilities through play.


All classrooms integrate language into their lesson plans. They will learn sign language in the younger classrooms as well as ABC's. Older children practice writing and identifying letters and read literature throughout the day. 


From the early basic shapes and counting to the Pre-K adding and subtracting, your child will impress you with their newly learned math skills. 

Outside Play

One of the most important parts of a child's day is their physical activity. We have to outdoor playgrounds, access to park paths, a basketball court as well as a large indoor play area when weather does not permit us to play outside.

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